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Skipped Payment

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Skipped Payment

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Skipped Payment

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The Skipped Payment series can be used to calculate mortgages or loans that

require one or more payments to be skipped for a set number of payments. A

skipped payment series involving 8 payments with 1 payment skipped for every

2 payments made is as follows:



$100           $100        $0       $100         $100        $0       $100         $100

payment     payment     skip    payment     payment     skip     payment     payment



Skipped Payment - EXAMPLE

Pickford Auto Sales leases a $35,000.00 car to M.D. Enterprises Ltd. on

March 7, 2011. The 36 month lease calls for the January, February and

March Payments to be skipped each year. The annual interest rate is 15.25% compounded monthly. The first payment is due on April 1, 2011.


SolveSolve The Payment amount.



Skipped Payment Example


Once you enter in all the known data from the example,






Compute_button button beside the Payment Amount field to compute the answer.



The monthly payment is $1,590.08