Formerly Called Simply Interest Professional
Professional Amortization Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Can WinAmort solve amortizations for my country?

Yes. WinAmort Pro supports independent compounding and payment frequencies as well as basis year settings to make it completely flexible. This ensures that WinAmort can be used to solve any mortgage, loan, lease or investment calculation for anywhere in the World.

How can I do straight Amortizations?

If you want to do amortizations on your PC, there is nothing easier than WinAmort Professional. Select the Fixed Rate Loans form, enter your information and press a button. That's it. The full amortization schedule will be created for you instantly. The powerful calculation engine is both lightning fast and incredibly accurate. It will create amortization schedules for practically any type of financing situation that you may ever encounter. Download and try it now! See for yourself how much time and effort can be saved with the right tool at hand.

Can I solve for an unknown value?

Solving for unknown values is effortless with WinAmort Professional. Type in the values you know and click the button beside the value you need to compute. Your answer appears instantly. Solve for payments, principal, amortization period and even the interest rate. Its all quick and easy when you have WinAmort Professional.

Can I set the compounding and payment frequencies separately?

Yes. The power of WinAmort Professional lies in its flexibility. It allows for just about any type of financing or investment analysis. All your calculations and amortizations become quicker and easier.

When should I use the Irregular Loans Form?

This form is the most powerful part of WinAmort Professional. Use it when you need schedules for completely odd payments made at odd times or when you need to compute a payment value for a certain date or when you need to find the balance of a loan at a certain date. Also use it when you need to find the average or implicit interest rate for a financing situation. All of these scenarios are easily solved with the Irregular Loans Form.

Can I print only a selected range of the amortization schedule?

Yes. You may print any part of the amortization schedule that you wish. The amortization table printing is very flexible and can be customized with your company name and any comments. The totals can be taken at the end of any month for fiscal calculations. It will even print quarterly totals and running totals so that you can have all available information that you need on one comprehensive report. The schedules are professional, complete and accurate.

How can I find the totals for a range of schedule details on-screen?

To find the totals for a range of details, create the amortization schedule. Once the schedule window appears, click on the first line of the range. Then, press and hold the [Shift] key and move down to the last line of the range and click on the line. This will highlight the range and give you the Total Payments, Total Interest and Total Principal for the range in the boxes under the schedule.

Do I need a spreadsheet to use this software?

No. Unlike some amortization software, WinAmort Professional is a stand alone application and does not require any other software to function. But, if you need to use the schedule data in a spreadsheet, it can easily be exported to your favorite spreadsheet.

Can I import my Simply Interest Pro Data?

Yes. All SIPro data can be imported for calculations that are supported by WinAmort Professional.

Does WinAmort Professional calculate APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?

Yes. APR can easily be calculated for both Fixed Rate and Irregular loans.

Is WinAmort Professional compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Yes. WinAmort Professional is fully Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista bit compatible.

Can I use different currencies in the calculations?

Yes. WinAmort Professional supports all currencies that are supported by Windows.

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