WinAmort Professional 2.0

About WinAmort Pro

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About WinAmort Pro

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About WinAmort Pro

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WinAmort Professional 2.0 is a single-source time value of money calculator and detailed amortization schedule creator.


WinAmort Professional offers a multi-purpose form interface, that has the ability to carry out a range of multitude of functions and calculations.


WinAmort Professional is a professional Time Value of Money Calculations and Amortization Schedule maker that is as easy to use as a calculator. Originally WinAmort Professional (called Simply Interest Professional) was designed to make tedious and time consuming amortization schedules easier to produce.


New WinAmort Professional can do this and much more. In addition to easily carrying out the calculations and "What-if?" answers, WinAmort Professional can produce and create and export customized reports of amortization schedules like never before possible.


How to Use This User’s Guide

Refer to the Getting Started chapter to get the program up and running. View the Interface Tour.  This will show you the overall operation of the program. For more information about the operation of the software, work through the actual examples provided in each of the forms. Once you try a few of the examples, you will quickly become familiar with the setup and execution of an problems you may need to solve for  yourself.