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Welcome to WinAmort Pro 2.0

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Welcome to WinAmort Pro 2.0

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Welcome to WinAmort Pro 2.0

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Welcome to the NEW dawn again.


Back in 1993, Business Logic Corporation took the amortization and financial calculations software market to a new level by publishing an exceptional, unpretentious and powerful software tool to working with the time value of money concept: a concept that is time consuming, complex, confusing and misunderstood, yet the most powerful and rewarding phenomenon in finance.


However, the fact remains, that like all good software, there is a distinct difference between what a software package is capable of doing and how the user uses it. Since WinAmort Professional offers a multi-purpose form interface, that has the ability to carry out a multitude of functions, it is often difficult to see which form to use in a particular situation.


In some cases this is even more complex, because some problems, require the use of two forms to answer or solve a special problem. This is where this Online Guide can be beneficial. The scope of this Guide is to teach the user the principals surrounding the calculations, the objective of each form and most importantly how to extract and input the information that you have into each form in order to solve the problem.


By combining a detailed explanation of the concept coverage of each form and then going through a series of problems, the reader is stepped through sample problems and situations. Although it is recommended that this Guide be used in conjunction with the software, you do not need to do this. All of the examples are accompanied by, what to solve, the steps needed to solving the problem and the final solution. In addition wherever possible, examples are illustrated with actual screen shots and

printouts that look as though you did them yourself.


Once you understand the methodology behind the concepts and how WinAmort Professional can be used to solve any problem, you will easily be able to generate schedules and solve virtually any “What if?” question in seconds. Whether you need quick answers regarding Mortgages, Loans, Leases, Annuities, Bonds or Financial Planning questions.


WinAmort Professional... is all you need!