WinAmort Professional 2.0

Fixed Rate Loan

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Fixed Rate Loan

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Fixed Rate Loan

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The first form is the Fixed Rate Form. All of the forms in WinAmort Professional follow a standard setup. This includes variable fields that you can select for typing in your values and fixed fields, that you can access via a pull down menu. All variable fields can usually be computed or left blank when it is unknown or irrelevant to the calculation.


Fixed Rate Form



ico_liteFor faster input and navigation from one field to the next, you can use your keyboard. The TAB key will make the highlight jump to the next field. By pressing the TAB key, you can completely cycle through all of the entry fields on any form. You can use the SHIFT+ TAB key combination to go backwards.


Compute_button The most frequently used button in WinAmort Pro is the Compute Button shown above. You can press this button at any time. If the field beside the Compute button can be computed, it will be. The best way to learn how to use WinAmort Pro is to actually try using it. So let’s get started with the following example: