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About this help center

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About this help center

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How to use this help viewer

This help viewer provides a navigation panel which includes a table of contents, index and word search, so you can find the information you require quickly and easily. These are found in the following tabs:






Folder icons open to reveal topic entries and sub-folders. As you move through the help, the contents tracks the different topics that you access. This orients you within the help center, and lets you see other relevant topics at a glance.



Provides an alphabetical list of the subjects covered in the help. To move through the index, either type a word or scroll through the list. Click an entry to navigate to the related topic or topics.



Lets you search for occurrences of a word or phrase. Type the words you want to search for and press Enter. The topics that contain these words are listed. Click a topic name to jump to it.


Moving through topics

You can quickly move through help topics previously displayed by using the browser's Back and Forward buttons, or right-clicking a topic and selecting either Back to display the last help topic you visited or Forward to display the next help topic in a previously displayed sequence of topics.

Errors and Omissions.

If you come across any errors, inconsistency or problems with this help, or have any suggestions, we would appreciate it if you could  notify our documentation authors using the link below.


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