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Irregular Invest. Example 2

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Irregular Invest. Example 2

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Irregular Invest. Example 2

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You are preparing some calculations for your client, who is a plaintiff in a case. He claims that because of the defendant’s actions he suffered business losses totaling $90,000 per quarter, between May of 2007 and the present. What is the Present Value of that loss, using interest rates of 9.5% for 2007, 9.0% for 2008, and 8.5% for 2009 and 2010.


SolveWhat is the total accumulated amount of losses taking the interest

into account?


Generate a table reflecting all the entries.


action  Select the Irregular Investments Form and enter in all the known information from

the example.


Compare your form to the one illustrated below.


If you have used the form already to compute the answer to the previous example, you can

delete the table and the transactions by right clicking on each of the areas and then selecting

the CLEAR TABLE option and DELETE ALL TRANSACTIONS options in the Pop-Up menus

that appear.


Plaintiff Losses

ico_smile Based on the entered values, the total losses add up to $1,658,743.48.




Although these are just two examples, you can see how versatile this Irregular Investments form can be when dealing with Irregular Deposits and

Withdrawals. Just remember to make all of your entries in a logical manner.